- Biography -

Dylan Asena is not your typical guitarist! Not only does he have an Honours degree from one of the world's best conservatoires but he has broken the traditional chains and become a musician in the true sense of the word playing anything that is put in front of him.

Since first picking up the guitar at eight years of age Dylan has studied at both the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music under the heads of both departments.

Alongside this he has had the privilege to have performed in international masterclasses with performers such as:

David Russell John Mills
Pavel Steidl Julian Byzantine
Edoardo Catemario Carlos Bonell
Charles Ramirez

Over the years he has also been fortunate enough to have had regular lessons with teachers including:
Michael Lewin, Gary Ryan, Chris Stell and Craig Ogden to name just a few.

Taking his experience in performing, composing, producing and recording Dylan is currently completing an album of original songs that will soon be hitting the stage!