- Testimonials -

"A fool learns on his own, a wise man hears the words of others"

"I have been taking electric guitar lessons with Dylan for 8 months now and I find Dylan to be an inspirational and engaging tutor. I started as a complete novice, and Dylan has helped build my confidence on the guitar and helped me understand how and why music 'works' through a fun learning experience based around the kind of music I like to play and am interested in. Dylan structures the lessons to reflect my pace of learning, and is flexible in fitting in with my timetable. I always look forward to the lessons, and come away having learned something new about the guitar, music, and sometimes even myself! I sincerely recommend him."

John, London

"Dylan has been teaching my son classical guitar for the past year and has been wonderful at making learning so enjoyable, combining all the necessary technical elements with an absolute pleasure in playing music."

Katherine, London