- Guitar Tuition -

What can we learn together?

Apart from pushing forward your Technique, Musical understanding and Theory we can also get into exciting areas like:

What are the advantages of one-to-one guitar tuition?

I bet you have found that the guitar lessons on the internet are riddled with people who don't know what they are teaching. So ask yourself:

It does not take long to find that without the direction of an accomplished guitar tutor, learning how to play is almost impossible!
Why not study with someone you know you can trust who has the experience and knowledge to help you excel?

With my help and guidance this will no longer be frustrating and a lot of wasted time. Instead we can get you on track to reaching your goals and playing what you want to play! Today is the day that we start making your musical dreams come true!

Contact me today! Let's get to know each other and make everyone's dream your reality!

What styles can you learn with me?

A better question is what style do you want to learn?
Not only can I teach Electric, Acoustic and Classical guitar to a very high standard. I am one of few who also has an Honours degree from one of the worlds highest standard conservatoires (the Royal College of Music).

So if you want more than to just be shown how to play guitar you are in the right place!
Guitar tuition from the right person is invaluable!