- Songwriting & Composing experience -

"Experience is what you got
by not having it when you need it"
~ Author Unknown ~

My songwriting began in my teens when someone pointed out that while I was trying to be a poet, I was actually writing lyrics. Little did I know that songwriting was to become a passion that would become a focus of my life.

I signed up for a songwriting course run by Vasco Hexal, (head of Composition for Screen at the Royal College of Music) an inspiring and very accomplished composer, songwriter and producer. In two years of studying with Vasco I developed my skills in all aspects of composition from putting pen to paper - to putting the finishing touches on a masterpiece - to recording and mastering my own music.

Since then I have focused on gathering the experience and living the life necessary to have something to write about. My songs focus on observing and trying to understand people and the world and the current events that impact our lives. When I write songs I don't do so consciously, but rather from a point of inspiration. At the right time, and in the right place, the words come without effort, and the music flows naturally.

I am currently finishing my debut album which you can listen to here, and if you enjoy what you hear then share it with your friends, and come back for more!